Bazaar Magazine Fashion Editorial Shot Entirely On Film


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The Talk Show Bond Anthology

Dan Benjamin and John Gruber discussed all of the Bond films. David Smith has culled and cleaved old episodes of ‘The Talk Show’ and has organized these segments for your enjoyment. Go forth and enjoy.

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Submarine Sandwich

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Mom and Me

Just watch.

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Beer Mile Championships

All of this makes me so happy. NPR has a video and it’s worth watching.
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“Space Shuttle Tribute”


DDC sticker

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Who’s Drunk at 5 AM on a Tuesday?

I didn’t believe it at first.

Officials themselves were stuck on how to remove a car too big to fit the way it came in.

One Foot Tsunami: Who’s Drunk at 5 AM on a Tuesday?

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Still Pitching as of Press Time

While I was living in the Bay Area for the last 4 years I got to see and hear a lot of Giants baseball. They’re a great team, with a wonderful fan base, and really, who doesn’t love a winner? I don’t always like the SB Nation coverage of the Giants, or my Reds for that matter, but I thought this was gem.

While Petit deserves a seven-year extension for Game 2 of the NLDS alone, he was still pitching in that game as of press time.

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Pickup Your Ketchup

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A great game with a strange name

“Sometimes You Die” is a fun little game with a peculiar name. The gameplay is a bit of twist on tradition puzzle games, but I’d rather you find out more on your own. It’s well worth the cost of admission, and today (2 December 2014) it’s on sale for $.99.

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